Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Decisions Decisions

Okay, so I had bought some GREAT artyarns supermerino thinking that I would knit my sock pal's socks using an Ann Norling pattern however I re-read the info given to me about my sock pal and the fiber and colors are all wrong. I got the colors she wanted mixed up with her fiber preference.
So now I realize that I probably should find a new pattern and maybe a varigated yarn! So...........maybe some Lornas Laces! I might use this pattern
I haven't knit much since Sunday. Preparing for this move has distracted me from all of my MANY projects. Hoping to send out the sweet Mary Janes this week to my dear friend in Florida. I will post pictures of the finished product this evening hopefully.


Blogger Ninabeena said...

Are you going to use this thing or is it just for decoration? My site is hot to trot at this point. I haven't seen any new entries all week! I'm looking for a picture of those finished mary janes...something I mean geez.

2:34 PM  

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