Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I won't even begin to try and excuse my lack of blogging. What I will say is I am FINALLY ready to get back to all of my neglected WIPS and back to the wonderful world of knitting bloggers.
 I have been working on the shawl that will NEVER end.  This was supposed to be a project that would take me ( w/ a new baby) just a few months. Instead, it has taken me FOREVER.....
 I am longing to pick up another project but, I am really trying to be instead, I-do-NOTHING. Something is wrong here....hubby is deployed and I had grand dreams of late night knitting, while watching all of the chick flick movies that I wanted......hmmmm and then, I woke up.........
 Speaking of which (all of my military knitters) any of you have sleep issues while your spouse is deployed/tdy. I CAN NOT SLEEP. Which is not the best thing when you've got an infant and two school age children that are home schooled.  
Hopefully I will get some pics of the shawl (Kiri) up soon. I am hoping that blogging will help me find my mojo.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sockapalooza socks - DONE!!
I finished them last week. I was delayed in blocking them and sending them because I came down with a pretty bad cold. Note to self : Must get flu shot. The downside of being pregnant is that when you catch a bug it seems there is no relief. There are so few meds you can take....
Anyhow, I hope my pal enjoys her package. I FINALLY made it today to the post office.
I REALLY enjoyed the two circ method it did seem to go a bit quicker than what I usually do with the dpns and the addis.....I LOVE THEM! I am itching to start a new pair but figure I should at least knit one thing for the baby. I just cannot decide on a pattern........ Maybe a trip to a yarn store will inspire me. Until then I just might get started on these cashmere socks.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm Back! After a LONG pregnancy induced hiatus, I am FINALLY feeling somewhat like what used to be my old self.
Not long after I posted last, the morning sickness I was experiencing became all day/all night long sickness. All that with a hubby who was way off in the middle of the desert somewhere...needless to say it was a LONG and HARD deployment. Thankfully, I have a GREAT community of AF/Army spouses who stepped in and helped with caring for the boys and preparing meals......
I was able to go home and my family was AWESOME. Generally, when DH leaves we (I) kind of go into survival mode and take one day at a time and stay SUPER SUPER busy this time however had to be the hardest and lonliest. However, we made it through and I am happy to say that DH is back (has been for about a month) and things are SLOWLY but surely returning back to normal.
I am about 20 weeks and we just found out that we are having..........ANOTHER BOY!!!! Yes, that's right 3 boys and yes, we are totally sure that we saw what we needed to see ( little man was spread eagle during the whole u/s).
Now onto knitting news....... Well as you can imagine, I didn't knit a single stitch during the whole first trimester but, I had already planned my sockapalooza socks. I bought some Black Pearl cashmere (2 yummy skeins in blue topaz and Polynesian) from kpixie and was planning to make these. Then, I received and updated e-mail (after I bought the yarn and pattern) on my pals preferences which stated superwash only......... I debated for awhile about just going ahead and knitting up the cashmere because ...well, it is cashmere but then decided it would probably be better to keep within her preferences. So I dove into my sock stash and chose some Cherry Tree Hill supersock. I've just been knitting some plain vanilla socks on 2 circs and feel a bit guilty about that. However, I have never knit socks on two circs so I am totally thrilled about learning something new. By the way I love more searching for that other dpn I dropped somewhere in the sofa.
I have been looking for something fun to knit for the new baby and have come up with this from knitty. I was so excited about all of the colors and the affordability of the yarn until I realized, that the yarn is not machine washable. I am not sure I want to knit a baby blanket w/a hand wash wool. I've been debating and dreaming about this blanket I think it would be just perfect for the baby. Anyone have any ideas?
Sorry for the super long post I promise the next one will be much shorter. I figured after such a long break from blogging I could ramble a bit longer that my norm.
Next post....completed socks!!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Wow! I cannot believe that It's been so long since my last post. We have had some very busy times around here lately.
Dh has left for the middle -east and so I have been trying to keep myself and the little ones busy.
I have of course been knitting (socks....that's all I seem to do anymore) however, I plan to start knitting itty bitty baby things very soon. Yes, you've guessed it. This black purl is expecting another little pearl of her own.
We are extremely excited and terribly sick around these parts lately. As soon as we find out the gender of the baby I'll really get moving on some cute baby things. Until then, maybe a hat or two or three........
I hope to post pictures in the next few days when I get a bit more time (Nana is coming to town so I am SURE I'll get a few moments uninterrupted).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I cannot believe that it's been over a month since my last post. We have been super busy and as usual our family has been struck with yet another virus.
There is so much I need to blog about. First off, I have this AMAZING brother who is not only a talented musician but, a just great all around good guy. He's smart, funny, (no, make that HILARIOUS) and one of the most compassionate guys I know...and he's SINGLE..anyone interested....... (NOTE: the Fit Chick and I are known for being just a bit opinionated about who our little brother dates...much to his frustration I am sure). Anyhow, He and his group NoVa Infinite have just been featured on a compilation CD that will be out in just a few weeks. These guys are good...(bringing back the hip hop we all used to love) you can pick up your copy here. Check them out they're some hard working guys who have a positive message!
On the knitting front, I have FINALLY finished sock #1 for my pal. I plan to finish the next one in a few days. I really liked the pattern. The jury is still out as far as the yarn is concerned. I used knitpicks Gloss. Has anyone else used this yarn?
I also received my socret-pals final reveal package. The package came the day after the "bug" entered our home and of course all things knitterly pulled me out of my funk for a brief moment!
Anyhow, big THANKS to Lindsay over at Ms Lindz. The socks are absolutely beautiful and purple ( the picture does not do them justice). They are now my absolute FAVORITE pair of hand knitted socks. Lindsay also sent me this book. I have been waiting to buy this book and I have already picked out a few projects to start whenever things slow down a bit here.
Soon I will have PLENTY of time to knit (I think). DH is leaving soon for the Mideast and I will have plenty of late night knitting to keep my mind occupied. It will be interesting to see how many of those unfinished objects I can actually complete:)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Thanks for all of the kind and encouraging comments from the last post.
This post will be picture heavy........
I wanted to first say a big huge thanks to my sockret pal who sent me some wonderful gifties. I received some beautiful butterfly handmade stitch markers (perfect for my sock needles), two balls of fixation (from cascade yarns), of course there was CHOCOLATE and some yummy smelling mango lotion. Thanks again to my pal who has spoiled me with such GREAT gifts!!!!
I was hoping that by now, I would have finished my embossed leaves socks but, sadly I admit I have NOT picked them up once since my last post. I REALLY need to get them done........
I have been working on a scarf for an older family friend (really she is like family) and I went with * GASP* an acrylic yarn (I can hardly believe it myself). The jury is still out as to whether or not I like it but I guess it's okay. I REALLY like the pattern. It's easy to memorize after only a few rows........
Quick question to all of you who have knitted a clapotis.......any yarn suggestions or anything I should know about the pattern before the fit chick and I jump into knitting one for our grandmother......

Monday, January 22, 2007

I thought that maybe I should post SOMETHING on my blog but really, I had nothing (nothing knitting related anyhow) but, I have been working on my Socret pal's socks. I decided to go with IK Embossed leaves pattern. I think I like the way it is turning out. I am not to sure that I like the twisted spiral rib. The lace pattern is pretty easy to memorize. I have been knitting and thinking why haven't I done more lace. I have been admiring the Rona shawl that so many people have been knitting lately.
WARNING: Below is a longish *rant*..............
I am desperately trying to set up some boundaries w/ this whole Chaplains wife thing........So much of my day is used up be other people..while I don't mind helping people I just cannot be so "accessible" to them. I cannot tell you how many times I have an "unexpected" visitor during the week...people who want to just drop by and then, there are the countless calls to "watch" someone's child. (To which I ALWAYS say yes to because I cannot say No) I usually don't mind but, with homeschooling and all, I am really running low on time and even energy.
My other issue is all of the baking. I have NEVER In my life baked as much as I have this last year and frankly I. HATE .IT!!! So, why do I do it? .. Peer pressure really.... All of the other wives do it so...... and of course they do it well and apparently they enjoy it... me...not so much. So, I think I may just start buying store bought and passing it off on my own (and try not to feel guilty about it).
One more thing ,I am WAAAY tired of feeling that EVERYTHING I do and say is under the microscope. I am NOT perfect in any way shape or form. I yell at my husband...and my kids sometimes. I even say not so nice things about other people on occasion... really, I am flawed and I am not above admitting that. I sometimes have bad days and sometimes on those days I just want to laze around my home in jammies, no makeup, hair standing on end and not feel all of the pressure to always be ...well PERFECT......... Okay, I'm done. I REALLY just needed to get that out.
I will post pictures later of hopefully a finished sock and the Good Ole cable scarf I am working on. *GASP* with acrylic yarn.