Saturday, February 11, 2006


I have FINALLY settled on a pattern and yarn (I think) for my sock pals socks. I just received the spring issue of IK and will be using this
I think I have settled on using sockotta sock yarn that's variegated. I am unsure just how much knitting I will get done this week. Our move is quickly approaching!
We are starting to become quite anxious about all that needs to be done but.....we are sooooo excited! It has been such a LONG road up until this point.......
Kelvin will pin on his new rank on Monday!!!! We will post pics... I am so proud of him!
Well I 've got to run... I will post more later.....hopefully then, I will have some pictures of the socks and...a completed shawl...(thought I'd abandoned it huh!)


Blogger Ninabeena said...

So many changes so quickly. Congrats to Kelvin. That is a proud moment right there- to be I hear. Boy you guys will be gone from here soon. You've been here for so long but for so short. It's crazy.
Maybe we can get together tomorrow. I don't know if Knit Happens is going to happen. I would love to buy more yarn but I just bought new gym clothes today...

9:10 PM  
Blogger Ninabeena said...

What a cute pic and your hair looks great. Is that the flat iron working?

6:26 PM  

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