Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We are FINALLY all packed and ready to go. The movers came today and this was the single most pleasant moving experience we have EVER had! We will never do it ourselves again! It did take them all day to pack all of our things's done and it was sooo low stress!
It's hard to believe that in just a weeks time we will "officially" begin our military career. It has been a LONG LONG road up until this point and we are so thrilled to be able to serve our service members in this capacity!
Okay, so onto knitting news. While preparing for our move I starting going through some childhood boxes and I found this dress that I had crocheted for one of my dolls when I was about 9 years old. I showed it to my sister the other day and she remembered that I was obsessed about completing it...(which I am sure is pretty true I tend to be just a little obsessive when I set my mind on something). I also started a new sock for my sockpal and I think FINALLY, I am on the right track!
Well, hopefully I will have a chance to post before we head off to our new assignment
Until then.........


Blogger miahz said...

Hey, i think i've only seen you once since you've been in town. Hope the move goes well, and the best to you and your family in your new situation. Maybe we can keep in touch on here.


9:27 PM  

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