Monday, April 03, 2006

We are finally here at Shaw AFB and settling in to this new way of life. We are settling into our new house (which by the way we LOVE) and we are adjusting to life in a small town. We mostly stay on base so...that makes it bearable...
We've acquired two new additions to the Francis Family......Milly (she came with the name) and Cat (who will be re-named at some point) They are sweet "first-pets" and the boys LOVE them.
Knitting...well, to be honest there hasn't been much of it until last week and I think I already am thinking that this sock pattern is ALL wrong. I think that the striping yarn takes away from the lace I suppose I must trudge on since the exchange is only a month away! I am hoping to finish these by the end of next week (we'll see about that since I am still only on the first sock).
Will post more later...hopefully with pics of the sock..........


Blogger Soggy Desert Rat said...

Oh! I like it and would willing give them home! ;vD

10:31 AM  

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