Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I hate to post without pictures but........a quick update on the socks and everything else (not knitting related) I completely started a whole new sock and have almost completed the first one. I really hated the lace pattern with the stripes. I think I will attempt the lace with a solid sock yarn next time. I am using an Ann Norling pattern....the whale rib. It has gone pretty quickly and I REALLY need to finish so I can make the quickly approaching deadline.
I will have lots of time in the evening I think because.....my DH will be TDY (Temporary Duty) for the next 6 WEEKS! I guess this will be just a glimpse of what it will be like when he deploys......which we think will be next year about in November...but, who knows.?We are adjusting to military life in the chaplaincy. We stay pretty busy and it's even more hectic when DH is on call. We had a pretty scary plane crash a few weeks back and DH thought we might have to do a death notification but, THANKFULLY the pilot was found a few hours later in the Atlantic after ejecting at 600 mph!
The boys and I will be heading to VA to meet up with my sister so we can go to MS&W...niether of us has been before so we are REALLY excited.
That's it for now. Will post pics later tonight. We have dinner guests for the next few nights but, hopefully I'll get to squeeze some knitting time in!


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