Monday, April 24, 2006

Socks......well, here's the progress I promised a week ago....I have completed one sock and I hope to finish the remaining sock this evening or tommorrow and the mail it goes along with some yummy yarn I bought on ebay!
On the non knitting front, DH has left for the next 6 weeks for a Chaplains course at Maxwell, AFB in Alabama. It's been a little rough for the boys and I am initally feeling alittle lonely..but, this is just a taste of the 4-6 month deployment that wil be coming in a little more than a year. So, I am trying to hang in there....I am going to try to pick a few new projects to keep me busy in the evenings.
I am lookin g forward to MS&W in a few weeks. I have been debating about going with the rise in gas prices but...I think I 'll just do it!
Well, I will post more later....hopefullly with completed socks!


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