Friday, April 28, 2006

This post is mostly non-knitting content...I REALLY just needed a place to vent.
I am REALLY struggling with DH being gone and it's not just him being gone for the next six weeks, it's thinking about the long deployments and questioning whether or not I can make it through. While we both knew what this military life would consist of...(TDY's, deployments, single parenting and lots of moving) I just have not been handling this as well as I thought I would. I have been completely emotional...crying at the drop of a hat (I actually started to cry in Target in the middle of a conversation with a friend). Dh and I have been apart before but, I think the reality of this lifestyle is sinking in and on top of it all I feel like I HAVE to have it together in public.......(I am sure I am the only one with this an extent) truthfully, I REALLY am far from having it all together and I don't want to fall into the trap that many of us (pastors/chaplains wives) do.....................................................
I'll stop there, and the next post I promise will be knitting related


Blogger Ninabeena said...

Ahhh, Janet I'm so sorry. Things will get easier if not better. I know you've been apart before but this time is totally different. Those other times you knew it was just temporary; this time this is your whole life. I can't tell you I know how hard it is ...yet- but I can tell you that you are strong and can do this and will be fine. Even if you don't feel like you have it all together now you will get it together soon. Don't put so much stress on your self. It is so many changed so quickly- give yourself some time....I love you

10:42 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...


You sound like you could use a few of those right now :)

6:48 AM  

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