Monday, August 06, 2007

Sockapalooza socks - DONE!!
I finished them last week. I was delayed in blocking them and sending them because I came down with a pretty bad cold. Note to self : Must get flu shot. The downside of being pregnant is that when you catch a bug it seems there is no relief. There are so few meds you can take....
Anyhow, I hope my pal enjoys her package. I FINALLY made it today to the post office.
I REALLY enjoyed the two circ method it did seem to go a bit quicker than what I usually do with the dpns and the addis.....I LOVE THEM! I am itching to start a new pair but figure I should at least knit one thing for the baby. I just cannot decide on a pattern........ Maybe a trip to a yarn store will inspire me. Until then I just might get started on these cashmere socks.