Wednesday, November 08, 2006 much for my wonderful B-day weekend.
I made it up north and then fell ill and by Saturday (on my birthday) I was in the ER w/ a full on Asthma attack (triggered by a simple little cold) I thought I was dying......I have NEVER had an attack like this. The doctor was talking about admitting me so they could try to get my lungs clearer... Of course I WAS NOT happy about this..... All I could think about was the fact that my little boys were away from not only their father but now mom as well.
Thankfully, they let me come home after HOURS of breathing treatments, steroids, and peakflows.
I am so grateful for my family. My brother stayed w/ my boys and took such great care of them...they were happy, fed and ready for bed by the time we made it home late that evening.
We have made it home safely and let me tell you I am counting the days until DH returns home. I miss him!
On the knitting news. I am really itching to show you all the progress I have made on the wide whale ribbed socks. I will try and post pictures later this afternoon.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I wanted to post a few pictures. The boys and I are on our way to visit the fam up north. Dh has left for TDY and I have a b-day coming up this weekend so...I thought it would probably be best to not be home by myself. I am sure this won't be the first b-day/anniversary or holiday that we will be apart but, it's still tough! Okay, that's the end of my rant ...sorry!
On to other things..... like the fact that Socktoberfest is over and I was hoping to get 2 pairs of socks out but, have only finished the black purl socks. I have almost finished another wide whale ribbed sock. Oh well, I was sidetracked trying to put together the boys' halloween costumes...(they were thing 1 and thing 2). I knitted their hair using this pattern and by the way, I REALLY do not get the whole fun fur thing.......I recently came across a cute button against fun fur on this blog. I may have to add it to mine. The boys were quite cute and they had a GREAT time and I have TONS of candy (not many trick or treaters made it to our end of the street...most of the families on this side have moved) so, I will have to find someone to pawn it off on.
I have been debating on whether or not I should go to stiches in Baltimore this weekend.....The fit chick will not be able to go ...I don't want to go alone so I may just skip it.
Have a GREAT weekend!