Monday, June 26, 2006

I must say that blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately and although, I have been thinking about knitting, unfortunately, I have not had a moment to sit and knit. I have been researching and reading ALOT about homeschooling and we have decided to go ahead and homeschool the boys and we are (especially me) excited about the (we can actually visit DH when he is TDY) and the stress of moving mid school year etc. We feel like this is a good fit for our family.
So, I think I want to wait until the end of the year to begin trying for a third baby.....just so we can get a good year under our belt and all.
In other news, DH and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Saturday! He was able to take off and another Chaplain took his service on Sunday and we were able to spend the weekend together doing "family" stuff and it was WONDERFUL!!! Although it felt weird to not be worried about our service, it was nice to just be........
It also looks like DH will not (fingers crossed) be deployed for awhile.....we think although things change VERY quickly around here!
Finally, did you see the comment posted on my last entry? Another blackpurl AND we have SOOO many similarities....WOW!!!!!!!
Next post ......maybe, I'll have a FO or two to share.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I am having a hard time getting my pictures to upload to blogger AND they are not showing up in the correct order........uggggh!
At any rate, the last pictures are from Sheep and wool. Check out the Fit Chick's new toy and look at how quickly she picked it up!!!! Meanwhile, I have not yet picked up the spindle and as of late, I have been regretting the purchase...thinking that I could have bought WAY more yarn instead of buying into the idea that I could "spin" my own yarn........
On the knitting front, I have not made anymore progress on either the socks or the Dino. I have been so consumed with the dog and her impending heartworm procedure and trying to FINALLY unpack our office.
Last Sunday I had to lead the worship as our pianist was away....well, all I did was sing and it was soooo much harder with the boys. They were essentially left to do whatever the wanted w/dad in the pulpit and mom singing while giving the "you'd better sit down" look. NEVER. AGAIN!!!!!!
The funniest thing was that during the service, we sat up front....(normally I sit in the last row w/the boys just in case I have to exit w/a screaming child.) and while DH began communion he started by saying "on the night Jesus was handed over to Pontius Pilate" and went on to the last supper.......and well, that triggered the story of Jesus death and resurrection in the mind of my four year old and in his loudest whisper/yell he cupped his hands around his mouth and whispered/yelled "Dad, you forgot to tell them about the mean guys" It was soooo funny all of the congregation members tried to keep it together but we ALL had a great laugh after the service.
I am hoping to sort out this picture problem w/blogger or maybe, I'll just start using flikr........
Will post more once I've figured out what to do.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

*disclaimer* I am sure that this post will be full of grammatical on's etc. So, in advance I apologize!

Okay, I am FINALLY back. I have had all sorts of things going on. The biggest thing is that my Hubby is back and I am TRULY a very HAPPY woman. We have been super busy at the Chapel, we have had some events to go to and then last week we had a death from our congregation so, that kept us pretty busy and I was sick....(I actually thought I might be pregnant but, I'm not however we are trying for, we'll see how that goes!) Then, my sweet dog Millie has all sorts of health issues... we have been to the vet twice in less than a week (I am thankful for the base vet services) She has heartworms which if let untreated will kill her. Apparently, when we got her the spca was "SUPPOSED" to run a test but failed to do so ...and well, here we are. Off base, this could cost us anywhere between $1,500 and 2,000 but we will be doing all of the aftercare so it will cost us less than $200 dollars....can you believe that! So, we are waiting on a final blood test to make sure that she is a candidate for the procedure. It is VERY intense (like a cancer treatment) and will require crating her at home for 5 weeks w/ NO activity to keep her heart from having to work too hard. I think that's all of the non knitting related news here ....Oh one more thing, We have FINALLY decided to go ahead and homeschool our big boy this year (at least until we move to our next assignment and then we'll re-evaluate the public school option again).......
Now, on the knitting front.....I have not made much more progress on the sock but, I have started and almost finished my big boys Triceratops from this pattern. Every day he says to me... "Are you done with my dinosaur mommy?" I have not spent much time on it (not with all that has been going on ) but, I am hoping to finish it sometime this week!
I PROMISE at some point I will have a strictly picture update......... ahhh it's good to be back!!!!