Sunday, May 21, 2006

FINALLY....... I am online again!!!! After I returned home from Sheep and wool my computer went on the fritz and I could not figure out what the deal was........I FINALLY figured out.....I don't know how but, I am now playing "catch up". I had .....220 EMAILS in my inbox!!!! WHAT??!!! I have yet to tackle that mess........
Well...first things first.... SHEEP AND WOOL.....WOW!! I have NEVER seen anything like it!!! I was AMAZING and a bit much yarn to choose from and sooo many knitters and their faithful husbands carrying all of their wool........ My sister and I had a ball! I was so glad that I decided to make the 7 hour drive it was soooo worth it.
I bought some REALLY great linen/mohair blend by Louet Sales. I also was persuaded by this one to buy a drop spindle and some fleece to spin. However, I am not sure this was a smart purchase on my behalf because I have not been able to catch onto the whole spinning thing. Of course the Fit Chick got it right away and was spinning BEFORE we got out of the parking lot to go home!!!!!!
I also received my! Pilar did such a GREAT job and she didn't even use a pattern....and I LOVE the colors .
I also have started a new pair of socks with my Lornas Laces superwash in the Black purl colorway...(how appropriate!!!)
I am hoping to post pictures soon!


Blogger Ninabeena said...

well, well, well, look what we have here...
glad to see your updating ur blog. can' wait to see the black purl socks-I've heard so much about them.

8:01 PM  
Blogger Pilar said...

Wellcome Back!!!
I thought you've forgotten about us :)

1:52 AM  

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