Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I FINALLY have gotten around to taking pictures. Aren't the little socks just the cutest? I have enjoyed knitting them . I really have to get moving on them. I was hoping to have them done before we leave for vacation but...........
We have started homeschooling and we are LOVING it. The boys are loving all of the WONDERFUL books we have been reading. Yesterday, was DH day off and he did school w/ the boys and they were so thrilled.
I have been thinking about starting a private studio teaching flute and piano and possibly voice. The ONLY thing holding me back is TIME......And do I have enough of it. There are a few teachers here and the area probably could use another one but, people are just not wanting to pay as much. So is it really worth it????...... I am also looking into kindermusik....We'll see..
I will post more on my progress w/ the socks later. I am REALLY craving some new yarn but, I am REALLY trying to use up my stash....I heard that Knit Happens had a GREAT online sale....even checked it was quite difficult to not buy. We'll see how long I can actually keep this up.


Blogger blackpurl said...

How cute! I love the colors!

3:56 PM  
Blogger Ninabeena said...

I think that it would be absolutely worth even if you don't get paid much. This is something that is engrained in you and you have not been able to do it. I say make the time to do just a little bit, get your feet wet and go from there. You can always do it for a season and decide then if it is for you or not. You never know unless you try and the reward might be more than satisfying than what money can buy. Besides, how critical is it that you bring in a 2nd income. Would this job not result in extra yarn and shopping $$ ?! :-)

9:09 PM  

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