Friday, August 11, 2006

Today has been a tough one. We had an airman die at his workplace earlier this week. He was from one of my husbands units and many of his coworkers saw everything happen. He leaves behind a wife of over 20 years and a teenage daughter. Today was the funeral and it was amazing to see all of these big uniformed men crying...broken because they had lost a friend, leader, role model. I have realized just how often I take for granted the groggy kiss and goodbye that I give my husband before he leaves every morning. Today while talking to his wife, I wondered what their last goodbyes were like as he headed off to work that morning. It made think of the groggy kiss and slurred goodbyes that I give my husband every morning. Maybe just maybe, I should get up just a few minutes earlier and spend a few sweet moments w/ my husband every morning. Life is to short!


Blogger MikKnits said...

Thanks for the reminder! As the wife of a firefighter, I try not to think about the dangers of his job, so much so that I have trained myself not to think about it until I see something on the news to remind me. In fact, a local firefighter died of a massive heart attack at work just the other day. I think I'll try getting up earlier to give my husband a proper kiss and hug in the morning.

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