Thursday, September 28, 2006

Has it really been since last Friday that I posted? We have been really busy this week and yesterday I spent ALL day cooking..... I took lunch to a friend and then we had dinner guests last night. Today, I am EXHAUSTED!
This afternoon DH is speaking @ the base Christian Fellowship Luncheon. This is his first one since we've been Active duty so , I thought it would be nice if I attended.
On the knitting front, I have completed 1 Mary Jane (after ripping it out 2 times) but, I have not picked up the sweater since DH has been home. I am hoping that I'll get some knitting time in this weekend Dh has a "down" day on Friday (day off). I am trying to organize all of the yarn I still have. I had vowed to work through my stash before buying new yarn but so, I may ebay some of it. I think I am definitely going to sell the fleece and spindle I bought at MD sheep and wool.
Well that's it for now.....I have some pics to post but will do that next time.


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